Water Can Help You Lose Weight!

“Drink more water!” We’re always being told to drink more water to help us stay hydrated. But did you know that drinking more fresh water can help you to lose weight? It’s true – research shows water is an easy way to help you shed those extra pounds by simply drinking more H20.

A recent American study revealed that those that drank two glasses of water, twenty to thirty minutes before each meal were able to lose weight quicker and ended up losing a lot more weight than those that didn’t. There are two main reasons for this. Firstly, water can help to suppress the appetite if your hunger is somewhat squashed with water before a meal. This way, if you’re already feeling a little less hungry then you’re less likely to eat as much. Secondly, water is essential for human hydration. Even being just one percent dehydrated can cause your metabolism to drop which can slow down your calorie burning furnaces. Metabolism is the process which converts calories to energy: the fat burning process within the body. By increasing your metabolism, you can burn more calories even whilst resting.

The human brain sometimes mistakes that thirsty mouth for a hungry stomach due to the signals in the brain being very similar. So, sometimes when you’re feeling hungry it could be that you’re actually thirsty without realising. Because of this misinterpretation, you will find yourself snacking or consuming calories that your body doesn’t necessarily require, and as we all know – excess calories is the main cause of weight gain.

In short, drinking more water CAN help you lose weight. However, don’t expect instant miracles just by drinking more water; you’re likely to see slow results from just increasing your intake. A new way of combining water and weight-loss is through the use of scientifically prepared herbal weight-loss water supplements. By adding a weight-loss supplement to your daily water, you can transform your boring, tasteless water into something more exciting for the taste buds that will really help you blast that belly and rocket your metabolism.

Evolution SlimmingHydroSlim® is a great weight-loss product for losing weight with water, tablets that you drop into a glass or bottle. It’s an effervescent tablet, which means it quickly dissolves in water. It tastes fantastic too, with a citrusy lemon and lime flavour.

It works for weight-loss by providing you with essential antioxidants from Green Tea extract which help to boost the metabolism and increase your body’s fat burning potential. Sida Cordifolia, a popular herbal weight-loss herb, helps to suppress the appetite and boost energy levels is also combined with Guarana Seed – nature’s instant energy booster.

We’ve found that adding HydroSlim® weight-loss pills to your water every day really helps cut our unnecessary calories and boosts energy to levels you didn’t know you had. It also makes water much more palatable, especially for people who find drinking water boring and unappealing. In terms of weight-loss it’s great too – by cutting our excess calories, boosting the metabolism and giving us bags more energy we’re already seeing the pounds wash away. HydroSlim® is available from as little as £14.99 ($22!) from Evolution Slimming online.Evolution Slimming