Two Fat Burning Spices: Mustard and Pepper

You can incorporate these spices in your weight-loss plan. They give your food extra flavor plus the extra metabolic boost that your body requires to lose weight quickly.


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Try the spicy mustard variety sold in Asian food stores, gourmet shops, or exotic food markets. Dr. Jaya Henry of Oxford Polytechnic Institute in England, discovered that the quantity of hot mustard generally used in Indian, Mexican, and Asian recipes, which is roughly one teaspoon, temporarily boosts the metabolism, in a similar way as caffeine and the ephedrine drug do.
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However, according to Dr. Henry, mustard is natural, totally safe and is effective.  He also adds that it can be used daily. He discovered that mustard can accelerate the metabolism by as practically 20 to 25 percent for several hours.

The spicy chili peppers works similarly as the hot mustard.  Dr. Henry studied the chili peppers in the same way as the mustard and they are just as effective as a fat burning food. Even three grams of chili peppers added to a meal with a total calorie count of 766 calories, the peppers’ metabolism- elevating attributes functioned effectively, resulting to what Dr. Henry calls a diet-induced thermic effect.  In fact, it doesn’t take a lot of chili to produce the effect. Nearly all salsa recipes use four to eight chilies – that’s not plenty.
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Peppers are also a rich source of vitamins A and C, abundant in calcium, iron and magnesium, phosphorus, fat-free, high in fiber, low in sodium and contain just 24 calories per cupful.

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Two Important Fat Burning Fruits: Apple and Grapefruit

If you are planning to lose weight here are two fruits that you may wish to include in your diet.


Apples have gained a reputation of keeping the doctor away with its daily consumption. Apart from that, apples can help keep the fats away, too.

This works in two ways: First, eating apples raise your blood glucose (sugar) levels in a safe manner that your body naturally accepts, and keeps this glucose up longer than most sweet foods. In effect, you feel satisfied and full longer, according to researchers. Second, apples are a rich source of soluble fiber which fights hunger pangs by defending it against dangerous dips in your blood glucose level.
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An average-sized apple contains only 81 calories. It has no cholesterol, saturated fat or sodium. In fact, the nutrients in apples helps lower the level of bad cholesterol which is already in your blood stream, in effect, your blood pressure also lowers to an acceptable and healthy level.


Grapefruit is a traditional yet potent food recommended to be a steady part of your diet. It has properties that help dissolve fats and cholesterol. An average-sized grapefruit contains 74 calories, 15 grams of pectin (the exceptional fiber known to lower cholesterol and fat), high levels of vitamin C and potassium and is fat free and sodium free.

It is also rich in natural galacturonic acid, which contributes to its effectiveness as a fat and cholesterol fighter. In addition grapefruit also fights against atherosclerosis (hardening of the arteries) and heart disease. To tame its tangy flavor, you may try sprinkling some cinnamon, or salt, depending on your taste preference.
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Exercise, an Excellent Way to Lower Bad Cholesterol

Cholesterol is something that every human body produces for its normal functions. It is when individual eat food or drink beverages with too much sugar or high fats that damage is done to the body. Because of unhealthy eating practices, many people suffer from heart problems, hypertension, diabetes, or stroke. The good new is that these can be prevented from happening.
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Aside from making the necessary diet changes, exercising is an excellent way to lower bad cholesterol. Exercise increases metabolism of the body, which in turn expels toxins and harmful oils that are detrimental to health.

Individuals who have not been physically active for a period of time should consult with their doctor before engaging in any exercise program to get the recommended fitness regimen for their body’s needs. Those who suffer from heart problems may do low-impact exercises such as walking, low-impact aerobics, and yoga.

Some doctors allow their patients to participate in high-impact exercises such as jogging, running, swimming, cycling, and high-impact aerobics.

Exercises are being recommended depending on a person’s health condition, age, gender, and weight. The physicians devise a plan which a person should present to the fitness instructor who will formulate an exercise program. All the individual needs to do is follow it.
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In one or two weeks, noticeable changes will occur in the levels of good and bad cholesterol, including loss of weight.

Even if a person does not have time or the resources to go to a fitness gym, there are other ways in which one can follow an exercise program. With strong will and discipline,
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it can actually be done at home. Some can do brisk walking either in the morning before going to work or in the afternoon after office hours. Many buildings have signs that encourage people to use the stairs instead of the elevator when going up or down a floor or two. People may also utilize a wide parking area for health purposes. Parking far from the entrance will force an individual to walk more.
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It is also important to drink water during exercise to prevent the body from dehydrating which leads to exhaustion. It is best to keep a glass or a bottle of water nearby while exercising.

The saying that “health is wealth” is still very true. Exercising is an excellent way to reduce bad cholesterol in order to live a long and healthy life. It is better to do something good for your body now for health’s sake, than to do nothing at all and be sorry later.
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Back Pain Relief Products Are Within Reach

There are a lot of things that can be done to bring about back pain relief, but back pain relief products have been obtained by millions to assist in bringing comfort and a break from the pain they feel daily. They come in many different modes and sizes and can agree with all budgets. If you’re struggling with back pain, relief can be within your reach. They can take the form of a cushion, massager, brace, or some type of exercise equipment. It can also come as a cream or gel. You can get relief with heat therapy or an ice pack. Others even find magnets useful. There is no shortage of alternatives available.
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Keep in mind that although these products can and have been recognized to bring about comfort, the information you read here is not medical advice and shouldn’t be used as anything more than for educational purposes. Back pain can be a very severe problem and should be checked by a physician of pain is unbearable or nonstop.
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A back brace can offer support for your back and bring in other benefits as well. They can steady the back, provide compression, and help give better posture. All of this can bring around pain relief. Back braces can typically be worn under a jacket and all day if necessary.

A back cushion that offers lumbar support can give a lot of comfort if you are lying down or sitting for a long period of time. They push forward the lumbar area or lower back and your stomach area. This will also help your shoulders to go rearwards leaving you with correct posture which not only helps bring quick relief, but likewise helps prevent or decrease future pain.
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Back massagers can be either manual, electric, or battery operated. They are capable of relaxing and soothing muscles or bring intense relief based on the size or setting. Massage as a means of relief for back or muscle pain is an age old method, but bears a long history of success.

There are kinds of exercise equipment that are configured to help strengthen and stretch your back. This equipment can decompress your backbone and release pressure.

Several people find heat therapy very helpful in moderating their back pain. This is a highly suggested means of getting relief. It helps blood flow, relaxes muscles,, and brings comfort. Common heat therapy products are heat wraps, heating pads, or hot packs.
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Analgesic gels or creams can be used effectively to curb back pain. You can spread this directly on top of the pain area and find immediate relief. There are also sprays and patches which can be worn that will give the same results. Some will offer strictly heat relief while others will bring relief from heat that is mixed with a cooling down sensation.
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Back ice packs can be used to lessen inflammation. They can soothe and release tautness which can make the pain even worse. It also helps with sharp strains and back spasms. You can use this in junction with heat therapy switching between the two to bring long-term relief.
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Back magnets are reputed to work with your body’s electrical activity improving circulation and cutting stress. Back magnets come in the form of patches, seat cushions, and belts.

First Aid Wound Treatment to Prevent Infection

 Infection is prone to happen whenever a break on the skin occurs. Be careful not to touch the open would with your fingers or with any thing else that may be carrying bacteria. Do not cough or breathe heavily over the wounded area. The germs from your own nose and throat may find their way into the wound and cause more trouble.

If the wound looks somewhat clean and the bleeding has ceased, cover the area with a sterile dressing and patch it firmly in place. Small wounds need only a small adhesive bandage tape over the dressing. Leave the wound alone until the it has been examined thoroughly by doctor. It will probably heal without any additional complications.
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If the wound is soiled or mudded and the patient can’t be brought to a clinic for several hours,something must be done to prevent further infection. Wash the whole area with care using gentle soap and clean warm water. Gently take out all the surface dirt while running the soapy water into the deeper parts of the wound. Then apply the dressing over the wound and bandage it securely in place.

A slight bleeding is often good for healing, for it helps remove some of the causes of infection. But if there is much bleeding, heavy pressure should be applied over the wound to allow the blood to clot. Wait for about 15 minutes while applying steady pressure over the wound. Don’t remove the dressing every few minutes just to find out what is happening. This hinders the blood from clotting.
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If after fifteen minutes the bleeding has not stopped at all, try applying pressure on the nearest “pressure point.” If this does not work, then a tourniquet may be necessary. This is seldom needed.

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Herbal Remedies for Pain Relief

There are natural remedies that people have been using for many centuries to treat the pain caused by burns, bee stings, back aches, carpal tunnel syndrome, canker sores, and a lot more.

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There comes a point where you are fed up of putting more chemicals into your body in order to help relieve an incessant and lingering pain.  It is during these times that you may seek herbal pain relief remedies. There are natural remedies that people have been using for many centuries to treat the pain caused by burns, bee stings, back aches, carpal tunnel syndrome, canker sores, and a lot more.
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Take note that pain is a sign of another problem. Some causes of pain are easy to pinpoint while others may need a doctor’s diagnosis. Treating a symptom may help in the immediate relief but it is good find the deeper cause and treat it, too. If the pain is severe or it does not seem to go away, you need to have it checked by a doctor.
Making Herbal Remedies (Herbology At Home)
Also, be mindful that some herbal remedies may not be the best solution for your condition or may react negatively when combined with other treatments you may be going through. Consult your doctor if this will not hinder with your recovery or other treatments. Also remember that there is no perfect treatment and while one treatment may be effective for some, others may have little or no success.

For treating back aches, eucalyptus and peppermint oils can be used. This can either be applied on your skin directly combined with a massage or poured into water for a hot bath. The oils will loosen up stiff muscles as it gets absorbed into the skin.
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For burn relief, try sandalwood paste is known for its cooling and soothing attributes.  A plant that has been used for ages to treat burns is aloe vera. Not only is it known for its soothing properties, it can also heal the skin faster.
A bee sting can be treated using a paste made from papaya. An enzyme in papaya called papain can dissolve the venom from the bee sting.  You may also, use a paste made from baking soda. An acid in the venom of a bee sting causes the itching. Baking soda can neutralize that acid and brings pain relief.

Mouth or canker sores can make eating and drinking an awful experience.  Sometimes, pain can be felt throughout the day. Green leafy vegetables have anti-canker sore properties while clove oil applied on the sores can help lessen the amount of pain.
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Carpal Tunnel Syndrome afflicts a lot of people and the best way to remedy it is through surgery.  However, there are some things that you could do to help ease the pain.  Willow bark, which is also known as nature’s aspirin, may help reduce the pain through its anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties. Drinking chamomile tea is known to calm the nerves that are causing the pain. Also, bromelain, a substance found in pineapples can reduce and prevent inflammation and the capsaicin in red peppers helps lessen the pain and bring relief.
There are a lot of other remedies that can be found in plants and natural products that help bring relief for a variety of ailments.  The secret to relieving the pain may just be in one of the herbal remedies.

Natural Herbal Cures and Remedies

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