How to Protect Your Eyes From Injuries

Whether you’re at home, work, school, or play, you should be aware of how to best protect your eyesight.

First, play it safe.  Consider any injury to the eyes serious.  All of us know how sensitive our eyes are.  Even an eyelash or small speck of dirt can cause an almost excruciating pain.  It is wise, especially if the pain continues or if the eye reddens and the surrounding tissues continue to water, to see a physician or an ophthalmologist in order to assess the full extent of injury.

Here are some specific things you can do to avoid eye injuries:

1.  Around the house

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Always read labels for user directions before using cleaning powders and fluids, drain decloggers, degreasers, or any caustic chemical.  Be sure nozzles of aerosol products and pressure sprayers are always directed away from you before pressing the release valve.  Use grease shields to avoid splattering oil when you are cooking, especially frying, food. Wear safety glasses or goggles when you use toxic chemicals.

2.  At work
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When you work involves small particles such as flying fragments or wood or metal, electrical sparks, and splashed chemicals, always wear safety glasses.  When your line of work involves much use of the computer, opt for an LCD monitor.  I this is not possible and wear multi-coated eyeglass lenses to protect your eyes.

3.  In sports

Wear protective safety glasses, protective caps, and helmets with face protectors when appropriate.

4.  In other places
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Use extreme caution around fireworks, garden tools, and pesticides.  Be careful when you’re working on an automobile engine, jump-starting a car, or woodcutting.  Teach children correct precautions to protect their eyes.

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