A Positive Outlook Can Help Your Brain Perform Faster

How do you assess yourself in terms of intelligence? When you ask yourself if you really are intelligent, do you respond with a nod and a smile, or with a shy “maybe”? As you reply to this question, you must also know that there several things to take into consideration– your IQ score is merely one of those. Truth is that if you believe that you are better, your brain also tends to perform better.
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How your brain performs can likely be influenced by your outlook and perspective on different matters. If you actually think that you are intelligent, then your brain might just begin performing to meet your expectation. Some people believe that basic intelligence would not change after the childhood stage; on the other hand, there are some who believe that psychology plays a big role in this.

The Influential Psychology in Brain Function

I’m sure you have heard of success stories wherein the a person, who have never even stepped into high school, survived to work his way from rags to riches just by using his guts and determination as he rises to achieve his pinnacle of success. Perhaps he has been raised believing that he can be as wealthy as others if he would only strive hard to achieve it. With this belief, he pursued what he knew about himself, and since he knew that he can be rich, too he endeavored hard for it. His mindset was that he is able to do if because others were able to do it.
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Without receiving money and help from his rich friends, he worked his way up. What he actually got from his rich friends was his expectation. If he never met his wealthy friends, if he never acknowledged that it is conceivable to be rich, he wouldn’t have worked hard to be where he is right today.

Expectations that you place on yourself plays a large role in your life. It functions as your motivation. It makes you sense that you are on to something conceivable, something that you can accomplish if you just strive for it. This is how psychology influences. When you think that something is possible just by believing that you are able to think harder and learn faster, your brain may just do the same for you.
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Evidential and Experiential Learning

After viewing yourself with an improved perspective, then it’s time for you to pay more attention to the matters around you which could function as evidence that you are just about to achieve your goal. After doing all the affirmations, you need solid proof. Take note of your advancements no matter how small or big they may be. If you concentrate on these developments, soon you will realize that the more you take value of your minor developments, several more would follow shortly.

Therefore, in reference to your brain development, just by thinking hard enough that your brain can help improve its performance, it signals your brain to soon execute better functions. The improvements might not be as radical as you expect, but surely, some changes can happen. Take note of these developments, and before long you’ll realize that the accumulated effect of these little changes will sum up to a great adjustment to your brain performance. Believe that you can be better and your brain will soon carry out your expectations. What Is Intelligence?: Beyond the Flynn Effect

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