Shiatsu Massage Towards Total Body Wellness

Shiatsu is a type of Asian Oriental acupressure treatment only with the words that were derived from the Japanese. As the practice of shiatsu became known around the world, its name has evolved.  Now it goes by the names Zen shiatsu, oha shiatsu, barefoot shiatsu, namikoshi shiatsu, and macrobiotic shiatsu.

Although Shiatsu may be known at present with various names and techniques, it still uses the same fundamentals that were used from its origins, although occasionally, it may have some modifications depending upon the perception of the shiatsu experts worldwide.

In the literal sense, Shiatsu stands for, finger pressure, from the Japanese terms, shi = finger, and atsu = pressure. For over thousands of years, it has been a massage technique used by both ancient and modern people for healing and as relief a method.

In the precepts of shiatsu, the human body is made up of passage channels called meridians. Each meridian matches with a particular organ of the body.  It is through these meridians that the energy, or qi (chi), flows. A balanced and continuous flow of this energy translates to wellness.

When any irregularity happens in the energy flow, the body may suffer from an illness because either the chi is depleted or it is overflowing in certain points in the body.  When this happens to your body, this is where shiatsu massage therapy enters the scenario.
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The goal of the shiatsu massage therapy is to take away any blockades or hindrance that keeps the chi from flowing freely in any of the 14 meridians of the body. It is also employed to reestablish the natural balance of the chi or energy. By applying the acupressure technique, all these goals are accomplished , which is attained by the pressure of the fingers, elbows, knees, toes, and feet, on particular affected acupoints, or pressure points throughout the meridians of the body . Besides pressing, the shiatsu practitioner manipulates the adjacent areas of the acupoints in order to stimulate your body to enhance health and heal illnesses.
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Shiatsu can provide an intense effect that can sometimes make clients who receive the treatment exhibit emotions such as crying, laughing, wanting to scream, or just calm. This is not something to be afraid of because it is not a negative side effect.  It is actually a good and normal reaction which signifies the restoration and balance of the chi or energy within the body where it is intended to be.
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Because the world of established medical practice is still not fully convinced about the existence of the chi flowing in particular areas of the body, shiatsu continues to be regarded as one of the alternative treatments that is merely a possible complementary healing method. However, with centuries of existence, it has been proven by the experience of many that shiatsu really significantly helps the human body combat diseases and improves total body wellness.

It has been found to be helpful in dealing with various health conditions, such as muscular pain, digestive ailments, and even emotional pain. Many other benefits are attested by the people who have received and continue receiving the shiatsu massage treatment, specifically improvement of blood circulation, total relaxation, balanced menstrual cycles, removal of wastes and toxins,  prevention of diseases,  increased energy, spiritual, and mental well-being, and  increased flexibility and mobility in the body.

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