Remedy for Belching and Intestinal Gas (Farting)

Everyone produces almost a liter of gas daily - and passes it about 13 times everyday. It is caused either by bacteria in the intestines feeding on indigestible food by-products like the fiber in several vegetables; when we swallow carbon dioxide such as those found in soda and fizzy drinks; or by swallowing too a lot of air, either normally during eating and drinking, or compulsively, due to ner­vousness. Gas is either absorbed into the bloodstream or expelled by flatulence (farting) or commonly by burping.

Is burping or farting bad?
Flatulence is normally a good sign: it may mean that you have a healthy, high-fiber diet. Even so, that does not make it any less embarrassing. When you wish to increase your dietary fiber intake in order to reap the health benefits, do so bit by bit, and drink a lot of water or fruit juice.  Some drugstores sell gas remedies such as Beano, which contains an enzyme that boosts break down of undigested food so the bacteria have less to feed on.      

Binging or stress-eating can also hinder normal digestion; and lead to excessive gas. To lessen burping, try taking peppermints or drinking peppermint tea after a meal.  Some doctors prescribe using over-the-counter products that containing simethicone, such as Ovol, which dissipate air bubbles in the stomach.  For lactose-intolerant people - those who experience gas pains after consuming dairy products - frequently find relief by using Lactaid, a product that assists in digesting lactoses or milk sugars.

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