Nutritional and Aromatherapy Treatment for Women' s Migraine

Treatment options for migraines have dramatically increased in recent years, so we are no longer limited to simple pain relievers.


Migraines in women can be attributed to a progesterone deficiency that occurs during the menstrual cycle. In fact 65% of sufferers complain of headaches right before, during or after menstruation. To increase progesterone production, try to eat at least one serving of zinc-rich food every day. Red meat is an excellent source of zinc; others include eggs, turkey fish and pumpkin seeds. You may also take 25 milligrams of zinc supplement tablets daily with meals.

During the middle of your menstrual cycle, (the last two weeks before your period begins), take progesterone based herbs, such as chaste berry, wild yam, sarsaparilla, and yarrow. The herbs are available in tincture and tablet form. Also try hormone-balancing evening-primrose oil or magnesium supplements, which help relax constricted blood vessels.

The best-kept secret for migraine relief is aromatherapy.  It is affordable, effective, and has no side-effects.
Aromatic essential oils have medicinal properties that reduce the intensity of head pain and ease related nausea and insomnia.  Oils also restore equilibrium after a migraine.
Try a combination of any or all of the following oils:  Lavender and eucalyptus (to relax), marjoram (to reduce muscle tension), chamomile (to relieve nausea) and peppermint (to alter mood).
Use only naturals oils with scent that you find appealing.  Place two drops of oil on an unscented tissue and keep it close to your nose.  Take deep breaths, inhaling the scent for at least 10 minutes.  Feel your body relax as you do this.  You can also massage natural oils directly onto your temples for relief before or during a migraine.