Some Facts To Know About Tea

Tea is the drink made from cured leaves of the tea plant.  Different climates produce different tea plants. 

India, Ceylon, and China are the great tea-growing countries. 

If allowed to grow, the tea plant would grow as tall as a tree.  But in order to get many small, tender leaves, it is kept trimmed so that it forms a bush about four feet tall.

Harvesting the tea on a plantation is a job for many people.  Men, women, and even children pick the leaves.  Only the bud and the tender leaves at the tips of the branches are picked.

The picked leaves are spread out on trays and left for a day or two to wilt.  The wilted leaves are then crushed to bring the flavoring juices to the surface of the leaves.

The Chinese are among the greatest tea drinkers.  It was only about 3 centuries ago that Europeans first tasted tea.


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