Benefits of Using Weights for Workouts

When you're lifting the weights, it's important that you actually focus on the movement of your muscles: You need to produce constant tension by consciously contracting the muscle during the exercise. This isn't the most efficient or time-saving strength-building method; for that you will have to graduate to heavier weights and, in some instances, position yourself otherwise as you do the exercise. Each time you learn a new movement, whether it is a biceps curl or the latest dance step, your brain should first learn which muscles to "fire" to do the action correctly. An important part of strength training is using the muscles designated to do the work. New movements make the formation of neural pathways through the brain and spinal cord to the muscle. These pathways order which muscles to fire, or contract. The fancy term for this operation is "neuromuscular facilitation," and that's what you will be doing as you learn new exercises.>>>READ MORE

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