Skin Moisturizing Baths for Winter

Winter season has environmental elements that are harsh to the skin. Here are a few useful skin care tips that can be incorporated at bath time to keep the skin moisturized in winter.

Moisturizing Bath

- Bathe and shower with lukewarm water. Hot water removes the natural oils of the skin.

- Drier skin tends to be more. Put away your scratchy loofahs and stiff-bristled brushes and use a soft cloth or a very soft-bristled brush for bathing.

- Treat your skin to a moisturizer as often as possible. Do not hold off till your skin feels dried and itchy before moisturizing it. Prevention is indeed the best remedy, so always moisturize your skin after every bath or shower. Apply cream or lotion to the skin when it is still slightly damp to trap moisture in.

- Take a bath or shower at night instead of in the morning. This way, your body could replenish its protective natural oils during the night.

Spa Bath

Using ingredients found in the kitchen, you can turn your bath into a special spa session.

- Mixing a cup of vinegar to your bath water helps get rid of dry-skin itchiness.

- To soothe aching muscles mix a handful of Epsom salts to your bath.

- You may use spices and herbs in your bath for relaxation. Tie basil, cinnamon, and cloves inside a cheesecloth and position it under running water. Other relaxing herbs you may use include lavender, elder flower, comfrey, rose.

- Milk bath formula: Make 3 quarts of hot milk by using dry-milk powder mixed with 1 cup chamomile tea and 1 cup honey. Add to the bath and stir well.

Enjoy your homemade moisturizing bath spa.

© Athena Goodlight