Winter Skin Care Regimen

During winter, special attention is given to the skin to keep it healthy. Follow these winter skin care tips:

- Before sleeping, clean your face using mild soap or facial and water and follow through using an alcohol-free toner. Upon waking up in the morning, splash your face with lukewarm water. If your skin is oily, you may also opt to use a mild toner in the morning.

- When skin becomes dry and flaky, try using plain milk as a cleansing lotion. Use a cotton ball to apply it on your face then rinse with a splash of tepid water and thoroughly rinse the face using cold water.

- Shift to an oil-based moisturizer, unlike the one you use in the hot months. Massage it thoroughly, but gently, onto your face.

- Continue using sunscreens! Even if it’s not summer, you still need protection from the sun’s UV rays. You may combine a sunscreen with your moisturizer before applying it, or use a one with a built-in sunscreen.

- Do not wash your face for at least thirty minutes prior to heading outdoors. The water paired with the cold winds has a drying result on the skin.

- Warming yourself immediately by the fire after coming in from the cold outdoors and may sound fantastic, but be warned for it could result in broken capillaries appearing on your face. The cold outdoors induces blood vessels to shrink, and when a sudden change to a hot temperature happens, they enlarge and may burst. To avoid this, go at once to the sink. Splash cool water on your face; slowly increase the water temperature to lukewarm, not hot. Then you may enjoy the fireside!

- Don't abuse caffeine for it can dehydrate the skin. Take herbal tea or even plain hot water having a slice of lemon as a substitute— very energizing!

- Prevent the all-over itch caused by winter-dry skin by using mild detergent soaps and bleaches on any garment that will touch your skin. The chemical residue from strong detergents and bleaches can strip the skin of its natural oils, leaving it looking aged.

- Humidity is vital for the skin and hair during wintertime. To raise the humidity level in your dwelling, acquire a humidifier or put a pan of water on the radiator. Fill your sleeping room with plants that demand lots of water. Ferns, bamboo, and plants with large leaves such as begonias, emit moisture that is good for the skin.

- To prevent lips from chapping, use lip balm or a tinted lip balm instead of lipstick.

© Athena Goodlight