Tips on Breastfeeding an Adopted Infant

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It is possible to breastfeed your adopted newborn even if you have never been pregnant yourself.
Bear in mind, however, that much preparation, experience, and expert consultation is required.  On the month before you expect to receive the baby, consult with a lactation specialist or go to a breastfeeding clinic that has had experience in helping out adoptive mothers to lactate and breastfeed.  You will need a good electric breast pump to prepare your breasts.  You can purchase or rent one.  Every three hours during the day, you should pump your breasts.  Next, begin feeding the newborn right after delivery.  If possible check into the hospital yourself.  Make prior arrangements for this.  It is even better to take the infant home from the hospital as soon as possible if the infant is medically well.
 Starter Supplemental Nursing System with 80ml Bottle
The baby must begin feeding at your breast before he or she has a chance to get hooked on a bottle and develop nipple confusion. It is possible that you won’t have milk for several weeks. Because of this, your baby will need a supplemental formula, as prescribed by your lactation specialist. You will be fitted with a supplemental nutrition system composed of a small plastic container that fits into your bra into which formula is poured. A tiny tube comes from the container and rests over your nipple. The baby gets the formula from the tube when the baby sucks from your breast. Most adoptive breastfeeding mothers temporarily dislike the gadgetry at first. This is a normal reaction. Later you gradually notice these gadgets less and your breastfeeding baby more. What’s important is that your baby will be sucking from your breast. This continued sucking will eventually bring your milk in and decrease the amount of supplemental formula needed. Don’t worry about how much milk you will eventually produce because some mothers, at best, produce only about half of their baby’s nutritional needs. The main benefit of breastfeeding an adopted baby is the closeness of the breastfeeding experience and the fact that your baby is stimulating your maternal hormones by sucking.

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