Weight Loss Dilemma: To Snack or Not to Snack?

The snacking works two ways. If not watched carefully, it could ruin an otherwise healthy diet.  On the other hand, if done properly, you can control this snacking in a way that will make you healthier.  So, even if still wish to eat snacks during the day, there are several ways to do such without harming your healthy diet.  Sticking to your diet when you feel the urge to snack might be difficult, but the extra effort you will make will be worth it because it keeps your body in great shape.
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To control unhealthy snacking, simply eat smaller yet more frequent meals every few hours. If you nibble on junk food or chips because you feel hunger, chances are that you are spending more energy for ingesting which takes away that extra fuel your body needs for other activities. By eating 6 smaller but nutritious meals daily, the temptation to eat junk food will be lessened and you will keep your energy at high levels.
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You can also help to intercept your snacking urge by simply getting rid of the temptation.  Even before you reach for a those potato chips or bag of cookies, ask yourself if you are truly hungry or if you are just bored.  Does your body need it, or because it is a force of habit to eat when doing something (like watching TV). If you are grabbing a snack because you are truly hungry, then it is fine if to have eat something.  There are lots of good snacks that are filling and nutritious at the same time.  But if you are not hungry or you are just bored, you must try to eliminate the temptation. Simply get rid of those junk foods and stop buying those items again when you go shopping for your food.
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From now on, choose healthy snacks. Analyze the snacks you are eating.  Are they part of a food group such as fruits, vegetables, grains, dairy products or protein? If the answer is negative, then that snack is unlikely to be beneficial to your body.  Are you eating food in moderation or in small servings? Anything that is too much is bad.  Healthy snack foods include carrot sticks or vegetable sticks, yogurt for your dairy product needs, or whole wheat cereal bars for you grains food group. Candy, potato chips, and other chemically processed foods do not count.
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When choosing your snacks, carefully consider your drinks as well. Drinks like soda, instant iced tea, fruit punch, lemonade, and juice boxes may contain artificial ingredients and loads of sugar. These types of beverages are high in calories but are low in nutrient content. Choose drinks that will supplement your healthy diet instead. Water most of natural fruit juices drinks are better choices. Low-fat milk may also be taken. Also stay away from most forms of alcoholic beverage. Red wine may be taken in moderation because 1 serving of red wine daily is good for your heart and overall health, but other types of alcohol, especially in large quantities is understandably bad for your body.

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