Types of Breast Pumps to Assist Breastfeeding Mothers

The production of milk in the breasts, much like a lot of other matters, work on the sheer principle of supply and demand.  The more breast milk your baby consumes, the more your body will need to produce.
Breast pumps are normally used to ensure continuous production of breast milk when you are not available to feed your baby – in situations when you’re back to work, taking medication, traveling, or just out of town.

Then Basic Types of Breast Pumps

Breast pumps come in different forms; battery operated, semi automatic electric, hand operated, or even self cycling electric.

Manual Hand Pumps

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Manual hand pumps are designed to utilize the strength of your hand or arm muscles to pump out milk from one breast at a time.  There are also get pumps that use the leg and foot muscles for pumping both breasts at the same time.  Mothers that with carpal tunnel syndrome may want to opt to use a pump designed for the arm or leg muscles or an automatic model.

Battery operated pumps
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Battery operated pumps are best for women who have established a steady supply of milk and prefer to pump once or even twice a day.  These pumps are powered by batteries to create suction, therefore minimizing any type of muscle tiredness.  Most battery type pumps are designed to pump one breast at a time and are recommended for occasional use.

Electric pumps
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Electric pumps are said to be more efficient than hand or battery operated pumps, the only downside of it is that they also tend to be more expensive.  However, you can rent them if you choose to use electric breast pumps.  Electric pumps can be normally plugged directly into an outlet and are designed to pump both breasts simultaneously and can be used frequently. The most efficient models for initiating and maintaining milk supply are the hospital grade pumps. These are also available for rent.

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