Vigorous Exercise Cuts Risk of Breast Cancer

Here’s another good reason why we have to keep exercising. It’s fights cancer. Read on.
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While previous studies revealed that exercises may protect against breast cancer, a study by the National Cancer Institute of the U.S. National Institutes of Health points out that not all exercise qualifies.  In following 32, 269 women for 11 years, the researchers discovered that those engaging in vigorous exercises on a regular basis were the ones less likely to develop the disease, regardless of their weight.  Their reduced risk amounted to a stunning 30 percent.

Activities that qualify as vigorous include heavy housework, like scrubbing floors and washing windows, or heavy yard work, such as digging or chopping wood.  Healthful, fun activities included fast jogging, competitive tennis, bicycling on hills, and fast dancing.

The study suggests two possible mechanisms responsible for the benefit measured: enhanced immune function and decreased inflammation in the body.  It’s important to note that excess weight is believed to increase the risk of cancer.